Block cible: 6 minutes
Port: 1968
Basé sur le code: ProtoShares 0.8.6 (Bitcoin 0.8.5)
Recompense par block: 280 MMC, minus 5% chaque 1680 blocks
Nombre total de coins prevu: 10 Million coins durant les 2 premieres années, 2% inflation ensuite
Difficulté: Chaque block contenant le Kimoto ‘Gravity Well’
POW Hash: Momentum (64K XOR AES-CBC x 50) avec encryption SHA512
Every two hours there is a special block which contain community grants. These are made to the addresses that lead the MemoryCoin vote. Grant awards make up 6% of all the MemoryCoin minted.

MemoryCoin uses a custom Proof-of-Work designed to be most efficient on ordinary PC’s. It relies on a minimum of 1GB system memory and custom CPU instructions. Each hash requires 1GB of Memory to perform and encrypts 50GB of data. By contrast, the verification only requires 128K and less than one 10th of a second.

Specific Technical Details

Miner and the new

MemoryCoin Beta
~6.2% – Balances from the MemoryCoin Beta as at block 8820 were transferred into the new blockchain at Block 1. You can import your MemoryCoin Beta balance by copying your wallet into place after installing the new MemoryCoin QT client.

~1.12% – Possesseurs de ProtoShares
ProtoShares owners as at Block 32000 received a distribution at a rate of 1 MMC for each 10PTS. With around 1 Million PTS issued, about 112,000MMC were distributed in this way and PTS owners will cumulatively have a 1% stake in MemoryCoin at launch. You can import your balance by using your ProtoShares wallet with MemoryCoin. It is recommend that you transfer your balance to a fresh MemoryCoin wallet after import.