Die MemoryCoin Wallet enthält ab sofort den super-schnellen YAM pool miner – Benutzer haben über eine Verbesserung von 3-4X auf ihren AES-NI CPUs mit diesem Miner berichtet, daher wird dieses Update unbedingt empfohlen. Es gibt auch ein Wallet ohne externen Miner – verwenden Sie dieses, wenn Sie kein Interesse am Schöpfen haben und nur das Wallet benötigen
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    • After I installed this upgrade, I don’t see a way to select how many processes I want to run while mining. It’s all either on or off now. But I find that I can hardly use my computer for anything else while mining at full speed, so how do I adjust that? Mining with 4 out of 8 processes used to work well, so can someone please tell me how to select that setting now?
    • yam miner allocates all 1 gb memory per thread. for example, let’s assume you have 4 cores and 4 gb ram in your machine. if you run the miner with 4 cores, yam miner will try to use all of your machine’s ram. since your machine needs ram, it will slow your computer down. for the optimal experience, look at your free memory before starting miner. if you have 2.3 gb free memory, run it with 2 thread. if you have 1.6 gb free memory, run it with 1 thread.  

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