Some minor fixes and features in the new wallet release. Nothing to worry about if you’re happy with your current wallet.

1. Transaction fee option has been removed – the software will now automatically try to charge a 1cent (USD) transaction fee per 1Kb. Usually that means 1 cent per transaction.

2. -overridetxfee=5000000 flag to force a specific transaction fee amount.

3. -customvoteprefix=”xxx” flag to count an arbitrary vote, must be coupled with -reindex=1

2. The -multiaddress=1 flag forces the wallet to use change addresses in the same way as the Bitcoin wallet (new address for change for every transaction)

3. Testnet capability added

4. Additional Checkpoint

5. Faster startup of vote count (vote database now saved to disk)

6. Update nodes to remove dead nodes

  • The wallet needs an option for percentage of cpu power to use !

    It is a great wallet but when it mines it uses 100% of my cpu and makes my computer unusable.
    Such a shame as this would of been great for the general public with no tech knowledge needed !

  • @Rory there are plenty of factors you are missing, If you would simply search on the forums or on line you would find many usable configurations that will allow you to use you system resources and mine at the same time.

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