• During the last 24 hours, half of existing MMCs have changed hands!


    39 MemoryCoin $ 834,352 $ 0.19 4,428,697 MMC $ 398,488 +61.12 % http://www.coinmarketcap.com MMC had big support the last day which shows that it’s a great longterm investment alternative. The site is getting translated to more and more languages

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  • MemoryCoin Trading Volume Breaking Records


    Breaking records again! Almost 60BTC volume on Bter alone (MMC/BTC + MMC/CNY) in the last 24 hours. All aboard, we’re going up!  

  • Ligações para Lojas


    On the left hand menu you can now find a list of stores accepting MemoryCoin. Currently you can buy (retro-)console stuff, music, liquids for electronic cigarettes and stickers for MMC, and we hope that a lot of products will

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  • Distribuição de ProtoShares


    If you owned any ProtoShares at block 32,000 (12/12/2013 12:05:31 AM UTC) – your ProtoShares private key can be used to claim MemoryCoins that were set aside for you in the MemoryCoin blockchain. The distribution was 10:1, so if

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  • Negociar com Bter


    Good news you can now buy and sell MemoryCoin on the Bter Exchange Platform. Update: Bter trading on MemoryCoin has re-opened, trading as MMC. Old balances from block 8820 should be restored to your account.