Every 20 Blocks, 1/5 of a block reward is paid to 6 special addresses. These addresses are chosen by voting.


How Do I Vote?
Vote for a person by sending 1 Satoshi (0.00000001 MC) to their special voting address.
There are five positions, and one charity – you can vote for a different person for each position.

How Long Does My Vote Stay In Effect For?
It stays in effect until you change your vote

How Do I Change My Vote?
Send 1 Satoshi (0.00000001 MC) to a different voting address for the same position.

Are All Votes Equal?
No – the size of your MemoryCoin balance determines the weight of your vote.

Can I Vote In Order Of Preference?
Yes. Send 1 Satoshi to your top preference, 2 Satoshis to your second preference etc.
Votes are counted using instant run-off voting.

What Does a Voting Address Look Like?
A voting address is a valid MemoryCoin address that starts with the letters MVTEceo, MVTEcno, MVTEcto, MVTEcmo, MVTEcso, MVTEcha. The seven letters at the start determine which position you are voting for – an address that starts with MVTEceo is a vote for the CEO for example.

Can I Spoil My Vote?
Yes, you can vote for an unspendable address – if these addresses win the vote, the rewards are effectively destroyed.

Here are the specially formatted addresses to use.


Who Should I Vote For?
Here is the list of candidates.


1. You want to vote for barwizi as CSO –

How to: Send .00000001 to his special address, MVTEcsoqoc4bVUHgVdxnQx2L53vm5UgXpM

2. You want to vote for belltown as CNO –

How to:  Send .00000001 to his special address, MVTEcnoNKMCJKUsBVVy1xyUiDAhtcJWgWP

3. You change your mind, now you want to vote for montaxx as CSO

How to: Send .00000001 to his special address, MVTEcsoCi2QBXFTsRARm81nXSkaqeAt5wT

4. You don’t want anybody to be CMO

How to:  Send .00000001 to the spoiler address, MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3

5. You want to vote for barwizi as second preference for CSO

How to: Send .00000002 to his special address, MVTEcsoqoc4bVUHgVdxnQx2L53vm5UgXpM

6. You want to reset all your voting preferences.

How to: Send all your coins to a new wallet.