39 MemoryCoin $ 834,352 $ 0.19 4,428,697 MMC $ 398,488 +61.12 %


MMC had big support the last day which shows that it’s a great longterm investment alternative.
The site is getting translated to more and more languages to reach our target of attracting users who’ve not been involved with cryptocurrencies until now.
There’s only one direction – upwards!

Thank you for visiting our site, and welcome to the network. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.


Im Norwegian translator

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  • why cryptsy ignoring this coin? do you in truble with bigvern? :s

    hope they will do it soon :) everything seems well done: site, etc..


    • Tanx.
      Cryptsy is scumbags. Dont use them. They dont uppdate Cent wallet, couse stake bug. And bigvern newer answear, issues. So im personaly will not they, to add and destroy this coin.


      • forget about cryptsy, it is dying cause the corruption of bigverm. put your eye on bter and btc38, china maybe not an international country , but it is in the world of cryptcurrency, and leading the trend .

  • hope with MMC =) Good Luck !

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