We’re working really hard to make it easy to get started with MemoryCoin, but it’ll be a few weeks before it’s well documented and really easy. For now you’ll need some technical skill, and all the details are here –


Coin parameters

POW Hash: Momentum (64K XOR AES-CBC x 50) with SHA512 Generation
Block target: 6 minuti
Port: 1968
Codebase: ProtoShares 0.8.6 (Bitcoin 0.8.5)
Ricompensa per la soluzione di un blocco: 280 MMC, 5% in meno ogni 1680 blocchi
Totale monete coniate: 10 milioni nei primi due anni, 2% come inflazione negli anni a seguire
Ricalcolo della difficoltà: ogni blocco con il Kimoto ‘Gravity Well’


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