Chief Executive Officer

CTO = CMO2.0

Co Chief Technology Officer


Chief Support Officer

CTO = CMO2.0

Co Chief Technology Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Marketing Officer 2.0


Chief Network Officer

Peace Geeks

Charitable Award.

The MemoryCoin blockchain is looking to hire 5 talented individuals to deal with different aspects of the maintenance and expansion of the coin. These positions are elected offices. Winners receive 1% of all mining rewards for their duration in office. Winners can change any time with enough support from MemoryCoin owners.

Those roles are

CTO – Chief Technology Officer
Managing the source, binaries, development

CNO – Chief Network Officer
Dealing with network services for the coin, block explorers, pools, faucets, attacks

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
Maintaining the website, marketing and communications about the coin.

CSO – Chief Support Officer
Helping users with their problems with the coin, creating resources to help with common problems and issues.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer
Co-ordinating the other officers, setting leadership and direction for the coin.

Candidates are listed here –

To apply for a position, create a specially formatted voting address, depending on the position sought, it should start with the letters MVTEceo, MVTEcto, MVTEcno, MVTEcmo or MVTEcso

You can generate these addresses using the VanityGen tool, and running the command,
oclvanitygen -o grantawardkey.txt -k -X 50 MVTEceo MVTEcto MVTEcno MVTEcmo MVTEcso

Then create a post, or a thread or webpage announcing your candidacy. Explain which post you want, what you’ll do, and why you’re a good choice. Ask MemoryCoin owners to send 1 satoshi to your special address.

Coin owners vote by sending satoshi to specially formatted MemoryCoin addresses to indicate their vote. Voting weight is proportional to the number of coins owned. Votes remain in effect in perpetuity – voters can change their vote by sending 1 satoshi to a different address. Voters can select multiple preferences by sending 2 satoshi to a second preference for example. Votes are counted every 20 blocks, salaries awarded to winners every 20 blocks.