One percent of all MemoryCoin mined is earmarked for charity. MemoryCoin owners vote for the charity they support and the awards are made to the winning charity directly in the blockchain. Voting
To vote for a charity, send one MemoryCoin satoshi (.00000001 MCC) to the address of the charity you support (see below). Current Applicants
Sean’s Outpost c/o IsaacGoldbourne – MVTEchaTyyDP2V6QotPE4zi1mUvbNKo8pe
Split between different charities c/o donschoe – MVTEcha4La8HeNaewF4oaSFUwaRep8xEyR French – MVTEchagLNup4HJycBxbxWVXdiXaWLvbDu
Electronic Frontier Foundation – MVTEchapJHRRBkCKG4qBCJvYqc1ufmyYvm
*Note these awards are being collected by community members on behalf of the charities. Peace Geeks – MVTEchao4RjkTTyjMcYf8dnpQ7BqJdNVhr (current winner)
SPICES – MVTEchaqyCuu8RsP5kMYMuTbxRrwZ2jmtQ
**Note these awards are being collected directly by the charities themselves. Application
Any charity can apply for the award and appeal to MemoryCoin users to support them.  You need to do three things. 1. Generate a MemoryCoin address that starts with the exact letters ‘MVTEcha’ – this will be the address that users send votes to, and will receive the award funds. Keep the private key secret and secure.
You can generate these addresses using the VanityGen tool, and running the command,
oclvanitygen -o grantawardkey.txt -k -X 50 MVTEcha 2. Post the address somewhere on your official website. This lets MemoryCoin voters know the address is genuine and controlled by the charity. 3. Ask our users to support your application. Do this on the MemoryCoin forum. You’ll also be added to our list above.