• Portamonete MemoryCoin 0.8.583


    Some minor fixes and features in the new wallet release. Nothing to worry about if you’re happy with your current wallet. 1. Transaction fee option has been removed – the software will now automatically try to charge a 1cent

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  • Portamonete MemoryCoin 0.8.582


    Download the new MemoryCoin Wallet with pool miner New Features: Includes the improved M7k YAM Miner. Autodetects AES-NI for mining. Menu options to easily check your balance at the 3 pools. New command-line option -multiaddress=1 to use multiple receiving

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    The MemoryCoin Wallet now comes with the super-fast YAM pool miner – users have been reporting up to 3X and 4X speed increases on their AES-NI CPUs with this miner, so it’s a highly recommended update. There’s also a

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  • Portamonete 0.8.58 – Votazione tramite GUI


    L’ultima release del portamonete includa ora una scheda utile a semplificare la procedura di voto – it looks like this. It includes a ‘Sweep’ button – this will be displayed if you have balances at more than one address and this lets you group all

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  • The ProtoShares Distribution


    If you owned any ProtoShares at block 32,000 (12/12/2013 12:05:31 AM UTC) – your ProtoShares private key can be used to claim MemoryCoins that were set aside for you in the MemoryCoin blockchain. The distribution was 10:1, so if

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  • CPU Miner Faster by 20%-70%


    Mc2miner has released an improved CPU miner for Windows. Using this miner, you should see improvements of between 20% to 70% over the miner shipped with the GUI – Here‘s more details with download links

  • Wallet Update 0.8.57


    Version 0.8.57 of the wallet is available. Here’s the download link to the latest windows installer – http://www.memorycoin.org/downloads/memorycoin.msi New features include – Voting menu The first option opens http://mmcvotes.com/ with the wallet’s default address so you can see immediately

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  • Why GPU Miners Are Good For CPU coins


    There has been some confusion and resentment expressed about the arrival of GPU miners for MemoryCoin. How could GPU miners be here so quickly when MemoryCoin was supposed to be GPU-resistant? GPUs GPU means ‘Graphics Processing Unit’, but it

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  • Trade on Bter


    Good news you can now buy and sell MemoryCoin on the Bter Exchange Platform. Update: Bter trading on MemoryCoin has re-opened, trading as MMC. Old balances from block 8820 should be restored to your account.

  • Getting Started With MemoryCoin


    We’re working really hard to make it easy to get started with MemoryCoin, but it’ll be a few weeks before it’s well documented and really easy. For now you’ll need some technical skill, and all the details are here

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