Mining Rapido

To encourage participation, MemoryCoin has a rapid mining schedule. Mining rewards are reduced by 5% each week for the first two years. Thereafter 2% a year will be created as a steady inflation.



MemoryCoins are efficiently mined on ordinary computer hardware like PCs and laptops. MemoryCoin decentralizes currency mining, anyone can download a program and start mining MemoryCoin.


Long-Time Support

MemoryCoin has a paid elected team of developers, marketers and support personnel to ensure the coin being at the top of the game

Watch The Video

Watch our short introductory video to learn about MemoryCoin.


Where can I acquire MemoryCoin?

MemoryCoin can be acquired on a number of online exchanges



MemoryCoin’s “mining” period will release 10 Million coins into circulation in the first 2 years and a 2% inflation thereafter. The mining reward is reduced by 5% weekly. This ensures an increasing value with time.

Anyone can easily start mining by downloading the official wallet with the integrated miner. Unlike other coins, you don’t need any special hardware or top-notch video cards.



The MemoryCoin community is a great group of quality people and the paid support team is always happy to help!