• Cambio di proprietà per metà delle monete MMC esistenti nelle ultime 24 ore!


    39 MemoryCoin $ 834,352 $ 0.19 4,428,697 MMC $ 398,488 +61.12 % http://www.coinmarketcap.com MMC had big support the last day which shows that it’s a great longterm investment alternative. The site is getting translated to more and more languages

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  • MemoryCoin batte i record per volumi scambiati


    Breaking records again! Almost 60BTC volume on Bter alone (MMC/BTC + MMC/CNY) in the last 24 hours. All aboard, we’re going up!  

  • 新春赠币及官方QQ


    值此元宵佳节, 记忆币祝中国朋友们马年吉祥, 合家团圆! 为了欢度农历新年, 我们在论坛组织了赠币活动”龙马出击”. “龙”代表龙的传人. “马”是今年的生肖. 华人社区为数字货币的发展做出了举足轻重的贡献. 我们欢迎来自中国的朋友! 真诚地希望, 记忆币能够在龙的国度发展壮大起来, 帮助更多的儿童和慈善事业. 在本轮活动中, 以下十一位积极参与的朋友将获得永久荣誉称号”龙骑士” 感谢你们支持. 你们在记忆币中文社区的活动中将得到特殊优待. 请拭目以待!希望各位龙骑士能够继续支持后续推广, 帮助更多的朋友了解记忆币. 与此同时, 我们宣布记忆币官方QQ群 147059306. 如果您想切身参与社区活动, 获得第一手的消息, 进行最有效的反馈, 请加入! 新一轮赠币活动已经开始: 在农历正月底之前加入QQ群的朋友,只要在群内发布记忆币地址, 即可免费获得0.5MMC. 龙骑士奖励加倍.

  • Portamonete MemoryCoin 0.8.583


    Some minor fixes and features in the new wallet release. Nothing to worry about if you’re happy with your current wallet. 1. Transaction fee option has been removed – the software will now automatically try to charge a 1cent

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  • Acquistare on-line con MMC


    On the left hand menu you can now find a list of stores accepting MemoryCoin. Currently you can buy (retro-)console stuff, music, liquids for electronic cigarettes and stickers for MMC, and we hope that a lot of products will

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  • Donati 8500 MMC a 6 enti benefici


    MemoryCoin è orgogliosa di annunciare una consistente donazione a favore degli enti di beneficenza sostenuti dalla fondazione (avete qualche nuovo organizzazione benefica da suggerire? Inviate un PM a “itsik78″ on Bitcointalk.org or Bitsharetalk.org) Wallet Address we’re donating from: MDonateiTdMCBd2GFjx8nUmEgzv2gJUPn2