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Latest Stable Version: 3.010.102
Release Date: December 31, 2014


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Every eight minutes, somewhere in the world, a new block of Memorycoin is minted. Every eight hours, there is a special block which also contains community grants. These are made to the addresses that lead the Memorycoin vote. Grant awards make up 6% of all the Memorycoin minted. Every 60 blocks, 1/5 of a block reward is paid to 6 special addresses. These addresses are chosen by blockchain voting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blockchain Voting

Vote for a person by sending 1 Satoshi (0.00000001 MMC) to his/her special voting address. There are five positions, and one charity. You can vote for a different person for each position.

It stays in effect until you change your vote.

Send 1 Satoshi (0.00000001 MMC) to a different voting address for the same position.

No, the size of your Memorycoin balance determines the weight of your vote.

Yes. Send 1 Satoshi to your top preference, 2 Satoshis to your second preference and so on. Votes are counted using instant run-off voting.

A voting address is a valid Memorycoin address that starts with the letters MVTEceo, MVTEcno, MVTEcto, MVTEcmo, MVTEcso, MVTEcha. The seven letters at the start determine which position you are voting for. For example, an address that starts with MVTEceo is a vote for the CEO.

Yes, you can spoil your vote by voting for an unspendable address. If these addresses win the vote, the rewards are effectively destroyed. Here are the specially formatted addresses to use: MVTEceo1111111111111111111111TvNrt MVTEcha11111111111111111111116GDGs MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3 MVTEcto1111111111111111111119owJby MVTEcno222222222222222222222B1FB3W MVTEcso555555555555555555555G6uEbs

Here is the list of candidates.


1. You want to vote for barwizi as CSO - How to: Send .00000001 MMC to his special address, MVTEcsoqoc4bVUHgVdxnQx2L53vm5UgXpM

2. You want to vote for belltown as CNO - How to: Send .00000001 MMC to his special address, MVTEcnoNKMCJKUsBVVy1xyUiDAhtcJWgWP

3. You change your mind, now you want to vote for montaxx as CSO How to: Send .00000001 MMC to his special address, MVTEcsoCi2QBXFTsRARm81nXSkaqeAt5wT

4. You don’t want anybody to be CMO How to: Send .00000001 MMC to the spoiler address, MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3

5. You want to vote for barwizi as second preference for CSO How to: Send .00000002 MMC to his special address, MVTEcsoqoc4bVUHgVdxnQx2L53vm5UgXpM

6. You want to reset all your voting preferences. How to: Send all your coins to a new wallet.

The voting system draws together two concepts - Voting Rights and Transferable Voting. Voting Rights means that MemoryCoin owners' influence is in proportion to the amount of MemoryCoin they own. Transferable Voting means that owners may vote with an order of preference, and their vote will be transferred as preferences are eliminated during the vote count. When a higher preference is eliminated because of lack of support, the whole vote is transferred to the voter's next preference. The Droop Quota is used during the vote count. Voting results for every block until now can be checked using the vote explorer.